Cairns Physiotherapy Clinic

Clinical Pilates (an adaptation from traditional Pilates) is a safe and effective exercise option suitable for management of injuries and conditions. Our Clinical Pilates trained Physiotherapists provide supervised one-on-one programs on the Reformer, Trapeze/Cadillac and Mat.

Our Physiotherapists use Clinical Pilates when managing conditions from back pain and musculoskeletal injuries to hypermobility and coordination problems.

Why Clinical Pilates rather than Regular Pilates?

Regular Pilates is conducted in a group setting by a Pilates Instructor where a Clinical Pilates program is developed and supervised by a Clinical Pilates trained Physiotherapist. The benefit of a Clinical Pilates trained Physiotherapist is that they have extensive knowledge and experience in injuries, pathology, movement patterns and healing processes. This additional knowledge allows our Physiotherapists to select safe and appropriate Clinical Pilates exercises particularly if you have a history of injury or are recovering from a current injury. There will be certain exercises that need to be adapted for you to avoid further harm and to achieve your specific goals. Pilates is a great form of fitness but if you have individual needs, an individualised Clinical Pilates Program would be appropriate.

What are the Benefits of Clinical Pilates?

It has been found that Clinical Pilates is great for management and prevention of injuries along with improving general fitness. It is a great option for people of all ages and abilities. Clinical Pilates can be very effective in falls prevention and neurological rehabilitation. Some of the benefits of Clinical Pilates are:

  • Treatment of back pain and spinal pain in a safe and controlled environment.
  • Prevention and treatment of injuries.
  • Increased core/trunk strength and control.
  • Progressive muscle strengthening.
  • Retraining movement patterns for increased balance and coordination.

If you are interested in learning more or trying Clinical Pilates, contact our office to make an appointment with one of our Clinical Pilates trained Physiotherapists.