Cairns Physiotherapy Clinic

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy is one of the largest and most common areas of Physiotherapy in Private Practice. Musculoskeletal like the name suggests, involves muscles, joints, ligament, tendon and nerve injuries or conditions.

 Our fantastic Physiotherapy Team are proficient in assessment and diagnosis of Musculoskeletal injuries and have been trained in a broad range of treatment techniques. We offer hands-on treatment of injuries and conditions along with injury prevention programs.

Some common areas of treatment include:

  Neck and back pain.

  Shoulder pain and/or rotator cuff injuries.


  Hip, Knee and Ankle injuries.

  Muscle strains and/or tears.

  Ligament sprains.

  Sciatica and nerve compression.

  Disc Bulges.

  Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI).


  Tennis Elbow and other elbow injuries.

  Carpal Tunnel and other hand injuries.